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Life Coaching


Many people that have come to seek treatment for hypermobility also have ongoing issues related to pain, inflammation and various dysfunctions related to the central nervous system and/or immune response.  These problems can often be divided into external or internal stressors and are a sign of this disharmony presenting within multiple organ systems throughout the body. Generally people are unaware that mental and emotional stress can manifest in strong physical signs and symptoms.

Whilst people with hypermobility may experience this on a more severe level, this a general challenge for all people. The life-coaching services provided can benefit anyone leading a discordant lifestyle that is negatively impacting on their physical symptoms.

The external stressors and our response to them can be altered in a more healthy manner. The first step is to acknowledge their existence. From there we may decide to change our attitude, or re-train our mind and body to respond in a way that no longer causes ill-health and ill-feeling thereby enhancing our well-being.

Many times, when a client comes to the clinic, their pain and disability is overwhelming them, sometimes to the point where it is difficult to even leave the house. This severe loss of function can impact on every aspect of their life.

Often a client will present in severe pain, and after some discussion then actually confide that there are other problems in their lives that are overwhelming their ability to cope. Common examples include: job stress, relationship difficulties, financial stress, family worries, and other imbalances. Unbeknown to them, these challenges are a contributing factor to the physical problems they are experiencing.

Very simply, when our bodies experiences pain or stress, cortisol is the primary hormone released. Long term periods of elevated cortisol levels has many negative flow on effects. One of the most relevant effects is that pain is amplified, or perceived to be greater by our central nervous system. Prolonged stress with elevated cortisol levels can lead to a number of health problems:

  • anxiety and depression

  • headaches

  • heart disease

  • memory and concentration problems

  • problems with digestion

  • trouble sleeping and restorative rest

  • weight gain

Achieving Positive Outcomes

All clients are encouraged to take an honest look at the balance of things in their lives, and if there are possible factors contributing detrimentally to their mental or physical well-being.

When recovering from an injury or illness more time becomes available for self reflection. This time can be used wisely to restore balance and seek an opportunity to change and grow as a person. In conjunction with support of a (physio)therapist operating from a holistic point of view, real and tangible improvements are possible.

Clients undergoing this processes have been witnessed to have the courage to take responsibility for their well-being by altering their life's path. This can include switching from an unsuitable career, return to study or career development, mending a broken relationship or improved communication of their needs.

The goal is to help clients take back control of their lives instead of being controlled by their pain, anxiety or stressors.

The greatest reward is when a client comes back in due time having substantially improved their quality of life by overcoming the mental obstacles to their own health and happiness.

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